Shreve Family

Stephen and Bertha Shreve’s children

The Shreve Family history goes back over 400 years in this county, and includes a number of notables including Henry Miller Shreve, inventor and steamboat captain after whom Shreveport, Louisiana, is named and William Shreve (a/k/a “Shrieves”), a Revolutionary War soldier who enlisted for service in 1780 in Loudon County, West Virginia.

His grandson, William James Shreve, married Mary Jane Wamsley, and the two are the founders of the Randolph County, West Virginia, Shreve family. Their fourteen children (if I counted correctly!) include a son, Perry Lewis Shreve, who had six children with Clara C. (Phillips). The marriage of their son, Stephen Andrew (or Andrew Stephen, as some documents suggest) to Bertha Rae Riffle is the reason many of us are here today. If you haven’t discovered (by Joan and Greg Shreve), check it out! It’s got detailed information about the Shreve’s American history.

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