Mystery Book Lovers’ Club

photo by jaredd craig on unsplash-

The Mystery Book Lovers’ Club started in March of 2015 as a casual group of serious readers located (mostly) in the Founders’ Grove Neighborhood, Central Illinois. We all love to read (duh) and do talk about the books, but we don’t focus on prepped questions. Likewise, no problem if you haven’t read the book, but expect spoilers. Someone (or two or three or none) might bring wine or snacks, but I don’t have sign-ups or R.S.V.P. for meetings. Sometimes I’m scrambling for chairs or there will be just a few of us — but the discussion is always fun!

This book club is focused on mysteries (as the name implies), We always meet the third Thursday of the month at 7 pm central and (almost always) at the same home (Grove Street). Click the link to see the latest updates with our monthly selections, literary tidbits, and more.

Click here to see what we’re reading this month.