Jen Sinclair Johnson started her career at a Fortune 500 company near Chicago before career moves sent her packing to New England, the Upper Midwest, and Nebraska before circling back to Illinois. Along the way she left corporate life behind, pursuing writing gigs as a newspaper stringer, freelance writer, gardening columnist, and communications director for a professional sports league.

Changing territories fueled her work, but living where Abraham Lincoln practiced prairie law while researching her family’s genealogy inspired her first novel-in-progress, a contemporary mystery incorporating Central Illinois history.

Jen Sinclair Johnson is a Member at Large for Sisters in Crime Chicagoland, has served as SinCC’s Publicity/Media Co-Chair, and is a member of the Mystery Writers of America Midwest, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, McLean County Museum of History, and the Daughters of the American Revolution. Email at Jen@JenSinclairJohnson.com.

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