Mystery Book Lovers’ Club October 2018

Thanks to everyone who came to talk about HER LAST DAY. Our next meeting is October 18th at 7 pm, when we’ll discuss HIMSELF by Jess Kid. Here’s the blurb:

Abandoned on the steps of an orphanage as an infant in 1950, Dublin charmer Mahony assumed all his life that his mother had simply given him up. But when he receives an anonymous note suggesting that foul play may have led to her disappearance, he sees only one option: to return to the rural Irish village where he was born and find out what really happened twenty-six years earlier. In HIMSELF, Jess Kidd delivers a black-humored mystery, a debut novel populated with colorful characters, a simmering blend of the natural and the supernatural, and in homage to her roots, a generous dose of quintessentially Irish humor.

Don’t forget to pull your suggestions together for our November 15 meeting when we’ll talk about our next book list! Looking for ideas? Check out Lori Rader-Day’s suggestions (linked below) for books ALL set in the Midwest.

Literary Tidbits 

Lori-Rader Day 

THE DAY I DIED, our July 2017 read (right?) won the Anthony Award for the Best Paperback Original in September 2018 at the World Crime Fiction convention known as Bouchercon (named for famed writer/editor/critic Anthony Boucher). Here’s a  nice piece by Lori about crime stories and the Midwest.

Sophie Hannah will be at (the fictional kind of) Murder & Mayhem in Chicago March 2018!  

I think I’d mentioned that Sophie Hannah had been authorized by the Agatha Christie estate to continue the Hercule Proirot. *Gasps!* Brave lady in any case. As it turns out, I just found out that Hannah is going to be the featured author at the Murder & Mayhem conference in March in Chicago. According to Lori Rader-Day:  “If you haven’t seen Sophie speak, you are in for a treat. She’s so funny!” Lori’s a hoot, so if she says she’s funny, she must be. 

Tana French

In French’s IN THE WOODS, we all wondered what happened to the vanished children. While this article doesn’t reveal what happened, she does say why what actually happened to a pair of vanished children remains a mystery — because she didn’t think her detective was equipped to face the truth! Here’s the full article, which has her insights into Red Herrings, which is interesting from a reader and writer perspective, I think.

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