2018 Shreve Family Reunion

Marvin, Bradley, Emery, and Jen chatted after the Shreve Family Reunion last year to start planning the June 23, 2018 reunion. Can you attend? We’re moving the location to Asheville, NC because it’s more centralized and has meeting and entertainment options. Click HERE to see what’s in the area I hear it’s a great spot!

I volunteered to help coordinate finding a house rental to serve as a central meeting location and overnight accommodations for at least “the parents”. I’d prioritize easy access and parking. We’d also want hotel options within 30 minutes (or so) from the house.

Once we have an idea of interest I’ll dial into specific properties, but the 4-5 bedroom homes I checked for Thursday – Monday (6/21-6/25) will cost around $100-$150/night per bedroom. The price might go down with more bedrooms or more people (or go up if we wait too long??), but this is a good start for discussion.

Here’re a few home rentals I found after a quick search:

Cane Creek Farmhouse


Mountain Oaks Cabin

The mountains are beautiful! I have a couple other avenues for finding homes, and will let you all know if one sounds good. In the meantime, what do you think? Do you like the location, housing, date — or not? Is there something that would help make it easier for you to attend? I’m open to suggestions, and always enjoyed seeing you all. Please share your thoughts!

Love, Jen