Shreve Family

Dad’s mother died when he was around 3 years old and there was a baby brother about 10 months old along with a brother 5 or 6 .His sisters were 9( Lona ) and 11(Addie) too young to take care of a baby and toddler.I understand they moved in with the grandma after the baby died .The other brother died at age 8 .Aunt Addie took Dad to live with her at age 11 when she married.



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  1. Hello All…
    My immediate family is interested. We always have a complicated summer schedule, though, so we can’t commit at the moment. We have worked in the area and have vacationed there several times over the years so we, too, are very very familiar with the area. It is one of our most favorite places on earth.
    Heads up- it is a very popular summer destination and lodging availability and prices will be at a premium.
    We are willing to help with logistics even if we can’t attend.

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  2. Hi Kat! Good point on the timing. And yes, coordinating (knowing!) summer schedules is tough. I remember those days! Once you dial it in let us know if you’ll make it? I’d love to meet your family. And, yes! I’m really looking forward to visiting and now even more so after your endorsement. Yay! The downside is the premium pricing. My estimate above was as of November, so it’s good to know they may have changed. We’ll make sure everyone knows an amount before they commit so there are no surprises, and work toward early-season deals for next time. I was hoping this website would make it easier to communicate and plan for everyone. I’d also love to have a conversation about what people would like to see at the reunion. Uncle Marvin makes it fun with his games/questionnaires. Should we do something else, too? Can people commit as early as the prior fall? Anything else? Anyway,thanks! Hope it works out. 🙂


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