After starting a career in marketing for a Fortune 500 company in Chicago, Jen Sinclair Johnson went solo as a newspaper stringer and gardening columnist before writing magazine articles and running communications for men’s pro racquetball. Frequent corporate relocations sent her family packing to New England, the Upper Midwest, Nebraska, and back to Illinois.

Changing territories fueled her work, but living where Abraham Lincoln practiced law during his pre-presidential prairie years inspired stories. Jen’s modern day mysteries weave in history, beginning with a freelance marketer who finds that publicity is bad when it turns deadly after she discovers a┬áLost Lincoln Letter hiding a killer’s secret.

Jen Sinclair Johnson is a board member of Sisters In Crime Chicagoland, member of the Mystery Writers of America, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, McLean County Museum of History. She also produces the Old House Society newsletter in Central Illinois. Contact her at Jen@JenSinclairJohnson.com.